Moving home is often quoted as being one of the most stressful events we ever go through in our lives. The whole process of packing up our possessions, leaving our house and moving to someplace completely new is bad enough – additionally the reality that we will have to entrust our personal belongings plus their transportation to complete strangers and it’s really not surprising our levels of stress climb!

Choosing a great moving company can be difficult. Most of us have heard horror stories from friends and families about awful companies. Wherever you live, you can be certain that you’ll find good and bad moving companies trying to acquire your business. The most difficult task is selecting one that is right for you – it is vital that you get this choice correct. Getting it wrong will set you back time, money and heartache. Choosing a removalist is really a personal choice and your selection must be tailored for your exact requirements.

For reassurance many opt for a removalist that are a member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA). The application process to become a member of this Association is extensive and aims to accept only quality removalists who agree to abide by the AFRA Code of Conduct. Once an AFRA member, they are subject to regular auditing by the Association making sure their quality of service is maintained. However, there are numerous trustworthy removalists to choose from that are not associated with AFRA and lots of smaller operators who can often provide excellent cost savings.

When moving, everyone’s situation is different and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to selecting the best removalist. There are services such as Find a Mover that allow you to submit your details once and then get quotes from multiple transporters. Usually these types of sites limit the number of quotes you receive to less than 5 and show you feedback on the removalist from previous customers who have used them. Truelocal, Yellowpages and Gumtree are also places where many people go to find a local removalist. While these are perfectly good methods of finding a mover, you should at least try to find some reviews on the company before selecting them. On Gumtree in particular, you will find many smaller operators so look for reviews from external websites.